probably don't follow me if:

- you care a LOT about politics/religion
- you're homophobic/racist/shitty in general
- you like/talk about lolis and other gross shit a lot, they make me uncomfortable and i usually shit-talk them/people who like them
- get easily offended/seriously use the term "SJW" like "those SJW speshul snowflaykes!!1!"/make stupid "triggered!!!21!111!!" jokes when someone tells you that you did something shitty
- you're younger than like 15 i'm an Adult - police people's interests
- "call people out" for dumb shit like kin drama lmao
- you "don't believe" in genders other than girl/boy, "don't believe" in sexualities other than straight or gay, "don't believe" in mental illness, or any of that other dumb shit

other than that i just like to have fun i'm here for a chill time my dude i am not here for drama and rude shit, i won't block you unless you literally tell me to kill myself or some other dumb shit though so if you Really want to follow me go 4 it man

things to know/what to expect when you follow

- i have The Depression and some other shit
- bc of that some of my tweets may be negative but i try not to post during my Sad Moments
- i'm also sick, and have a lot going on with me health wise so that may impact how often i tweet
- i rarely rant abt things but i use lots of swear words
- some tweets may be in japanese or korean
- i keysmash like sdkfsldgjdk a lot if that bothers you a lot i'm sorrymasen
- i don't really post nsfw/r18 but i am 18, please be mindful of this i can't cater to all minors you're free to unfollow if i post stuff that makes you uncomfortable
- i unfollow nonmutuals after about a week, i almost always follow back but it may take a few days like 3 at most
- rt/like heavy, if me liking ur stuff bothers u a lot just dm me and i'll tone it down, i do make a fair amount of personal tweets tho
- i call everyone "my dude" or "ya boi" if this bothers u just lmk
- i'll try to tag triggers and stuff but it's hard for me to remember, i usually don't retweet anything bad though
- twitter is the only social media i have set up right now so i'll be using it a Lot
- i post about everything. every game i play i screenshot and post about, even the negative bs that happens
before you follow