here's some info about me for my Fellow Gamers xd

- kayoko (kayo or kou works too)
- 18, 05/27
- bigender, she/her by default but idrc
- bi, taken (2 bfs 2 gfs and 2 qpps they are amazing and the best i love all of them)
- 1/2 mexican, 1/2 taiwanese/japanese/korean
- constantly sick

i love talking to ppl about whatever games i'm playing but know beforehand that i am not a technical player at all

the only games i kind of take seriously are isaac, osu, and tera so if you wanna talk technical about those with me go ahead

kayoko is my real name, kayo and kou are my nicknames but if u have another dumb name for me go ahead and call me that xd

i usually follow back (if you share my interests i 100% will follow u back) and love talking so dm me we can be frend

if you're interested in a banner/overlay commission (ex. 1, 2, 3, 4) check my twitch for more info, i'm always taking commissions feel free to dm me as well for these xd

also if a link on here doesn't work or whatever pls tell me so i can fix it thank u

about me